Active Directory User Information Self Update

  • It is very important for the Administrators to keep the exact information about all the students/employees of an organization in Active Directory.
  • If the personal information of an user is not properly updated in active directory, it is complex to contact a particular user through telephone, e-mail or postal on necessary situations.
  • It is quite normal for the users changing their personal information such as mobile, telephone and address. Changing the user's personal information often in a large environment is complex for the Active Directory Administrators.
  • AdSysNet Password Manager lets the Administrators to configure the attributes to be updated/viewed by the users of their own. User can login to the web console and update their personal information of their own.
  • Instead of allowing the users to update their personal information directly on their own, Administrators can assign the help desk to approve the requests from the users.
  • Users can change their personal information and submit their changes for the help desk approval. Once the help desk approves the request, the user changes are updated in active directory.

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