Self Service Password Reset

Most of the support calls received by the Help desk Administrators are related to forgotting password and requesting to reset the password. The end users will be in idle until the help desk processes password reset requests. This increases the user down time and also the help desk work load is increased.

AdSysNet Password Manager lets the users to reset their password of their own after completing the security authentications. The user self service password reset can be restricted by answering security questions and e-mail verification.

Administrators can force the users to change their password after successul password reset since the password reset does not requires the password policy requirements.

Also, AdSysNet Password Manager supports ticket based help desk password reset system. Instead of allowing the users to reset the password of own, Administrators can force the users to submit the password reset ticket to the corrsponding help desk administrators.

Salient features :

  • Let the users to reset the password of their own.
  • Reducing the user inactive time and improving the productivity.
  • Security questions and e-mail verification based authentications.
  • Submitting the password reset request to help desk administrators after authentication.

Password reset related screenshots

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