Active Directory Security Reports

It is very important for the Administrators to track the security permissions of the file server shares. AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter lets the Administrators to list the shares on the selected workstation or server and viewing share permissions and security permissions. Also the administrators can track the shares on which the particular user or group have full/any control permissions.

Listing Full/Any Control Accessible Objects

The report lists all the objects on which the specified user or group have the specified access (whether full or any control) under the given container scope. There is an option to filter the object types (user/group/contact/computer).

Folders usable by user/group

This report lets the Administrators to list all the shares and its sub folders on which the given user or group having full/any control permissions. This report requires 3 inputs 1. user/group's permissions need to be checked, 2. Server having the shares and 3. permission (full or any control).

Non-inheritable Shares

This report lets the Administrators to list all the non-inheritable shares on the given server.