Version Features Release date Problem in unicode characters while importing csv file is now fixed..
Issue in report input value (100 is maximum) for the reports is now fixed.
02 April 2015 Lastlogontimestamp based logon reports added.
AD objects common groups existence feature added.
Issue in creating AD objects with special characters (, " < > + = #) is fixed.
Issue in bulk users creation password options (change password at next logon, can not change password, password never expires) is fixed.
Issue in bulk users creation create buttin visible issue for small screens is fixed.
20 February 2015 Problem in unicode characters while importing csv file is now fixed.
Password twice set in bulk users creation is now fixed.
Loading computers while generating the advanced deleted users report is now fixed.
24 Oct 2014 More password options in bulk users creation.
Option to set the password using csv import (Having password as a field) in bulk users creation.
More informative and clear look report files in PDF and EXCEL format.
20 August 2014 Supporting csv import with samaccountname field (Currently csv import work with distinguishedname as mandatory field) in bulk objects modification.
Option to set the password using csv import (Having password as a field) and more options.
Distinguishedname field always visible issue is now fixed.
21 July 2014 Option to view the security permissions of any selected AD object from all the generated reports.
Option to copy the selected attributes or except selected attributes in bulk objects creation & modification process.
New default configurations missing issue during version up-gradation is now fixed.
01 April 2014 Security and NTFS reports included.
Option to create exchange mailboxes in bulk.
Option to export the exchange mailbox to pst file, move home folder, move to disabled OU and set description while disabling the exchange mailbox.
Issues in Users present in group and groups having particular member reports have been fixed.
13 March 2014 Improved GUI look.
Printer reports included.
More reports included on existing object categories.
Display names integrated for corresponding ldap attributes in report generation and all other features.
And some minor fixes.
12 February 2014 Option to schedule the selected reports to the list of Admin e-mail addresses.
More options such as Clone column, Change column, Swap columns, etc are included in bulk users creation and modification interface.
31 December 2014 Fixed issues in bulk objects modification csv import.
Fixed issues in deleted objects by advanced options report generation.
Fixed issues in adding more attributes while restoring the deleted objects.
16 December 2013
4.0 Exchange reports added.
Scheduling reports feature included.
More options added in bulk objects creation and modification GUI.
Redesigned user friendly appearance.
Fixed issues in last logon report, account and password expired users report.
05 December 2013
3.0 Multi domain and WorkGroup installation support included
E-mail notifications for particular actions such as reset password, unlock, etc.
Powershell requirement has been overcomed for advanced restoring deleted users and other objects.
And minor bug fixes in v2.0
31 August 2013
2.0 Fine grained password policy reports and Group policy reports added
Option to create/modify/delete fine grained password policies added
Log on reports by querying given Domain Controllers
User Dial-in filters added
Option to set Image for bulk users added
And minor bug fixes in v1.0
22 July 2013
1.0 Most essential reports for User, Group, Computer, Contact and OrganizationalUnit objects.
Easy to create/update bulk Active Directory objects in few clicks.
Ease identifying the protected/unprotected Active Directory objects.
Ease to set protect from accidental deletion for bulk objects in a single click.
Ease restoring deleted objects and define properties in a single click.
Ease password reset, unlock, enable/disable actions for bulk user accounts.
Ease join/unjoin set of users/groups/computers/contacts to set of groups.
25 June 2013
Version Features Release date
3.0 SQL and IIS requirements excluded for evaluating the application.
User native console is supported.
No initial configurations required. Local domain is managed automatically.
16 March 2015 Option to change the logo and title included.
Issue in exporting the report is fixed.
And issues fixes in previous versions.
05 January 2015
2.0 Admin Console and Help Desk Console is supported in Web interfaces.
And issues fixes in version 1.3
12 August 2014 SQL Server requirement is overcome for the trial version.
Option to configure the IIS is added, Web console can be easily installed in few mouse clicks.
01 July 2014 Default web console access to all the users under the managed scope.
Issue in accessing the password reset web interface from the logon screen is now fixed.
User web component installation issue in XP and Server 2003 fixed now
Option to launch the user password reset console in installer.
05 June 2014
1.0 Web based Self Service Management.
Request/Approval based HelpDesk System.
Self Service Password Reset/Unlock Account/Update Profile/Recover Logon Name.
Pre-Logon Window Password Reset System.
13 May 2014
Version Features Release date Well formatted PDF and Excel files export.
Inactive users report issue in multiple domain controllers environment is now fixed.
Cleanup schedule is now compares the lastlogon in all the available domain controllers.
21 Feb 2015 Show the exact inactive days of every user in the generated "Inactive Users" report.
Show the password expiration date, applied password policy, maximum password age, last password set, days let to password expire information of every user in the generated "Password about to expire users" and "Password expired users" report.
Show the days left to expire account and account expiration date of every users in the generated Account about to expire users report.
Able to view the report table with horizontal scroll for a better view.
Option to configure a schedule to periodically sending reports to the admin e-mail addresses.
Culture issue in viewing Account and Password policy details features is fixed.
30 June 2014
2.0 Option to configure a schedule to send alert mails for the users whose password/account is to be expired in next few days.
Option to configure a schedule to cleanup(disable, delete, expire password) the users being inactive for a long time.
Option to configure a schedule to periodically sending reports to the admin e-mail addresses.
And minor bug fixes
08 April 2014
1.0 Reports for tracking inactive users and computers.
Reports for tracking password/account expired users.
Reports for tracking locked users and disabled users and computers.
Reports for tracking users whose password/account going to expire in few days.
Option to take required actions on inactive and inaccessible accounts.
Muli-Domain capability.
29 October 2013
Version Features Release date
1.0 AD Users logon history tracking.
Users logon access failures tracking.
25 February 2015