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Windows Logon Screen Password Reset and Unlock Account (Credential Provider)
It is much helpful for the users to reset their password from their PC/Laptop windows logon screen. It reduces the user's idle time and improves the productivity of an organization.

To use the password reset and unlock account feature in the windows logon screen, AdSysNet Pre-Logon Client needs to be installed on the client machines.

Admin console provides the options to the Administrators to install AdSysNet Pre-Logon client on the bulk workstations in few mouse click. The Pre-Logon Client is supported in the operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 7 and later operating systems.

Also, the Pre-Logon client setup can be downloaded from the installer and can be installed on individual PCs. The Pre-Logon Client does not require any pre-requisite to install it on the workstations. Als

AdSysNet Pre-Logon Client creates a link near the password field in Windows logon screen. The link text can be customized by the Administrators.

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