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Scheduling Active Directoy Workstations Status

ASN Active Directory Network Monitor provides the advanced option to schedule the Active Directory computers status to the Administrators e-mail addresses. Any computers in the domain can be selected for scheduling and the features such as Processes, Services, Devices, Sessions, Disk Space, System Information, Installed programs can be included for scheduling. Schedule sends every added machine's status report as a html file to the given e-mail addresses. ASN Active Directory Network Monitor provides the option to set "Run as" for particular computer. Mail server needs to be configured before start scheduling. Schedules are listed by the selected domain.

In General section, schedule name, mail subject and mail body can be configured. And the schedule name needs to be unique. In Target section, the e-mail addresses can be configured. The selected machines status report html file will be sent to the configured e-mail addresses here.

In Action section, the computers and the features to be monitored can be configured. ASN Active Directory Network Monitor provides the option to add more computers in a single schedule. And the features such as Services, Processes, Sessions, etc can be set for individual computers. Also the credetials to be used while connecting the selected machines for scheduling. If no domains manually added and desktop client manages the current domain, then credentials is must for configuring the schedule.

In Trigger section, schedule run time and recurring details can be configured. The schedule status can easily be verified. Last run, next run, status and result fields indicates the status of the selected schedule.