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ASN Active Directory Network Monitor - Features

ASN Active Directory Network Monitor(ADNM) is a simaple application which helps the Administrators to manage the computers in different Domains. The following features can be managed for multiple added domains,

  • Active Directory Properties
  • Services
  • Installed Programs
  • Processes
  • Devices
  • User Rights
  • Shares
  • Sessions
  • Drives
  • System Info
  • Environment Variables

Also the above features can be scheduled for the selected computers. The schedule sends the selected machines reports as html files to the given e-mail addresses.

Multiple domains can be easily managed using ASN Active Directory Network Monitor. More domains can be added easily. The following details are required to add a new domain,

  • Domain name (
  • Managing scope (DC=domain,DC=com)
  • Connect as (administrator)
  • Password (for the connect as user)
  • Domain controllers (Names or IP Addresses)

ASN Active Directory Network Monitor consists of 3 components. The setup installs the Desktop client and Service component during the installation. ASN Active Directory Manager requires .Net Framework 4.0 to be installed. The setup can be installed on any Windows machine in the network. Web component is an additional feature and it requires Internet Information Services (> 5.0) to be installed on the target machine.

Web component can be installed from desktop client interface. If IIS is installed in the same machine, the web component can be configured ina single click from the desktop client. Also desktop client provides the option to download the web component, so that the web component can be downloaded and installed in any machine in the network.