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Web Component Configuration

Now it is easy to configure the web component for ASN Active Directory Network Monitor. Through the web component, the active directory workstations can be monitored even outside from the network. The setup installs the Desktop client and Service component during installation. The web component requires Internet Information Services (> 5.0) needs to be configured on the target machine. If IIS is configured in the desktop client installed machine, the web component also can be installed in the same machine from desktop client Components interface. If IIS is not configured in the machine, the web component can be downloaded and installed on any machine which having IIS configured in the network.

ASN Active Directory Network Monitor Desktop Client provides two options to configure the web component. First, installing the web component in the same machine. For this, IIS needs to be configured in this machine. In Desktop Client Components interface, Set the website name and port details, start the web component installation. Second, downloading the web component package and installaing it in another machine in the network.

From the Desktop client Components interface, the web component package can be downloaded as a zip file. Copy this downloaded the package to the machine where the web component to be configured. Extract the compressed file, the help file available in the extracted folder. Read the help file and proceed the installation.

Once the web component successully configured, open the web interface login page. By default, the default login is available for the web interface. Web component does not manages any domain even it is installed in the current domain. The domain details needs to be manually added for the web component. The domain details can easily be added in Desktop client. Also the domains can be added in web interface using default login. There must be one admin account configured for logging in to the web interface.