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ASN Active Directory Manager Quote

Thank you for choosing to purchase AdSysNet Active Directory Manager. AdSysNet Active Directory Manager is available in subscription license model. The subscription license provides full technical support and version upgradations for the subscriped duration at free of cost.
AdSysNet Active Directory Manager license is based on number of users in the Active Directory Domain. For multi-domain environments, licenses needs to be purchased for individual domains.

If ASN Active Directory Manager is installed on the domain connected machine (workstation, member server or domain controller), ASN Active Directory Manager manages the current domain using the login credentials and the license can be registered without adding the domain details. For registering the licenses for remote domains, the remote domains needs to be added before registering the license files. For more detailed information about managing multiple domains in ASN Active Directory Manager single installation, Please visit Manage Remote Domains.

We offer huge discount for educational/government/non-profit organizations. Please refer our pricing structure below,

Number of Users Cost (Per User in USD) Discount(Educational, Non-profit & Government Sectors)
0 - 500 0.29 30%
500 - 5000 0.15 40%
Above 5000 0.09 50%

ASN Active Directory Manager license is available for minimum of 500 users. The above pricing is defined for single Administrator license. For multiple Administrators, it costs 20% of the actual cost for every additional Administrator. And we offer unlimited Administrators license for more than 3 Administrators license.

If you want to directly purchase ASN ASN Active Directory Manager, please enter the details and proceed purchase in purchase page

If you are purchasing ASN Active Directory Manager for a educational/government/non-profit organization, please provide the following details and we will send you the price details and quote reference id shortly.

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